To Go or Not to Go

Last week we mentioned that convention season is just around the corner.  I know that for some conventions have already begun but for us at The Learning House, our first event is on March 28th in Kitchener, Ontario.  We always enjoy attending events, getting to meet our customers face-to-face and sharing our products and knowledge with them.  We are going to devote the next couple of posts to discussing attending events and how you can get the most out of them.  Today we are going to take a quick look at 9 reasons you might want to attend a homeschool conference.

1. A time of refreshing.  As the year is over half done it is sometimes easy to just look forward to it being over.  It is easy to feel you are in a rut.  Just getting away can give new life to the last portion of the year so you can finish well.

2. Fellowship. Whether you attend with a friend, a spouse or just go on your own and socialize with those you meet, the sweet fellowship of spending time with like-minded people can encourage your heart.  I can think of a number of times in my past when I was discouraged and did not want to attend any events.  On several occasions I went anyways, only to find that the Lord had some divine appointments for me with people I did not know, who encouraged my heart.

3. Learn something new.  There is always something new to learn.  New ideas give us energy and can transform what we are doing in our homeschool.  Many conferences have a mutlitude of sesssions to inspire.

4. Hands on look at curriculum.  Today you can see a lot of curriculum online.  You can look inside the book, read reviews, and see a scope and sequence.  However, as good as that all is there is still something very nice about being able to pick up an item and see it for yourself.  You can look at the whole program and probably tell in a very short time if it is what you need.

5. Time away as a couple.  If you can attend a confernce as a couple this can be a great time to reconnect and focus on your homeschool program.  As a bonus you probably get time for a nice meal out together and some time to enjoy your spouse.

6. Perspective.  Sometimes we need a little time away so we can evaluate how things are really going. Getting away and hearing a session on an area we are struggling in can be invaluable.  Sometimes we find out that what seemed like a big issue is really a normal situation.

7. Solutions to Challenges.  At different times in our homeschool journey we may hit a wall or find we are trying to climb a mountain.  We can feel overwhelmed and at a loss to find a solution.  A large conference will have many sessions. Look for one that might address your situation.  The vendor hall is also a wealth of information.  You will find people there who have expertise in almost every aspect of home education. While you may not get all your questions answered at the conference you may make a contact that will be crucial to addressing a need in your family.

8. Encouragment. A day or two at a convention can help you remember why you are doing this thing, even though it is hard.  Sharing with others and hearing their stories can lift your spirits.  Finding answers to questions and situations can renew your passion to carry on with the calling God has laid on your heart.

9. Have fun.  Most homeschool parents love books.  Even if you know what curriculum you are purchasing and if you know what your doing in your program it is just plain fun to have a day to wander through a vendor hall, take some time to sit and chat over coffee, and hear some sessions.

Why not plan to take some time to go and enjoy an event near you?

You will find The Learning House at the following Events.  Stop by and say hello!

Please share your favourite reason for attending an event.  Encouraging stories of lessons learned at a conference are also most welcome.

Unless the Lord Builds the house they labour in vain to build it

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